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SIX MONTH INTENSIVE                                                                                                 INFORMATION SHEET
the basics
Sundays, January 14 - June 9, 2024
1pm - 5pm (see schedule below)



As an adult pursuing a new skill, I find it difficult to locate on-going learning opportunities that build the kind of foundation I’m interested in and have heard similar musings from my students. This six-month intensive is designed for people who are committed to setting up a small workspace at home, spend time on practice exercises and willing to meet quality standards before moving onto the next challenge.

That doesn’t mean you’re put on the spot to perform, but that I’m there to help you set the bar high and understand how to achieve it.


The six-month intensive is open to two students per semester who will meet with me, bi-weekly, for one hour of instruction and then, weekly, spend the afternoon in our Independent Open Studio receiving technical support.

Although I will try to accommodate some missed instruction, make-up studio time is only available if/when there is an opening in the Saturday open studio session. 


The first six month intensive I’m offering is “the basics”.
For beginners or if you’ve got a good head start on these techniques but your pieces are not as professional looking as you would like, this is an opportunity to get there with the time and support you need to retain the information. In the basics you will focus your efforts on:


  • studio tools and practices

  • fabrication (soldering, sawing, filing, forming and finishing)

  • bezel, gypsy and prong setting

  • design basics


This coming together of skillsets between the traditional jeweler and the artistic designer is intended to bring you the best of both worlds; excellent craftsmanship that leads to great design.  

All project materials are provided but you are responsible for the materials used for continued practice. We will work in silver, silver filled, gold and gold filled as appropriate.

As a student you will be required to set up a safe studio space at home that has:
(This space does not have to be outfitted with the most expensive tools, but it does have to provide stability for whatever tools you have. The better defined your workspace is the better your work will be.)


  • torch of your choice with pickle pot, etc.

  • table with bench pin and flex shaft

  • opti-visor

  • set of pliers: needle nose, flat, round and snips

  • ring mandrel

  • ring clamp

  • saw frame

  • set of files

  • digital caliper

  • etc.  (you will no doubt find more things you want along the way)

The cost of this course is $2,400. It does not include any tools, but a tool list will be provided to ensure the money you spend outfitting your space is well thought out.

Please think carefully before registering for this course, ask me questions, etc. The reasons you are considering this course are important to me as is your continued success.

  • Tuition is non-refundable.

  • A studio credit will be retained for one year if you withdraw from the course two weeks prior to the start date.

  • A withdrawal less than two weeks before the class has begun will forfeit your tuition unless your seat is filled by someone on the waiting list. If you see potential for a conflict, let me know as soon as possible.  

  • In the event an unforeseeable event occurs (like the pandemic) that makes it unsafe for us to hold classes, your tuition will be held for attendance once we have resumed (at our discretion) classes.


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